Indrillco with Central Sumatra Energy Ltd have just awarded to develop the South Lirik Block under the Production Sharing Contract ( PSC ). This block is located in the Central Sumatra Basin with total acreage of 6, 505 sq km. Hydrocarbon potential in this area was first discovered in the Pre World War time. The first exploratory drilling well was drilled by Stanvac in 1940.

In 1979 Mobil Oil awarded the first Production sharing contract. In 1979 Mobil drilled the area with 413.94 km seismic. Between 1979 and 1996 Stanvac awarded the PSC contract in the area with seismic unknown had nine well significant only three well productive as follow: Oil productive well in Talayap-2 and Southeast Napuh-1, gas productive well in West Lirik. From the resources calculation, the total UNRISKED RECOVERABLE for the oil case (P50 is 203.04 MMBO) and for the gas case (P50 is 970.41BCF) and for the RISKED RECOVERABLE, the oil case (P50 is 22.41 MMBO) and the gas case (P50 is 108.34 BCF). We have just completed the detailed G&G study for this block.